Thank you so much for visiting me here! I live on the  beautiful West Coast of Canada. I work with individuals and couples worldwide who are processing infertility & loss. I launched the Miss.Conception Coach community in 2014 out of passion and dedication to offer love, support and guidance to people experiencing infertility issues. As an Infertility & Grief Specialist I vow to make this experience a more validated, supported and respected one. 

My unique counselling approach serves hundreds of people yearly, helping them process and understand their infertility related trauma. My unique background and education is through the lens of Psychiatric Nursing and Journalism & Mass Communications. Most recently, workshop training under Psychotherapist Esther PerelI help individuals and couples better process that their infertility trauma experience is not their fault and that feelings are healthy and valid (and normal!) It is my commitment to offer support to people no matter where they are in their journey, or in the world.   


My diverse support environments have included a women's emergency crisis line, miscarriage support, infertility mental health and wellness; specializing in over 15 years of various infertility trauma experiences and loss support, childless not by choice and pregnancy after infertility.


I am proud to be a leading infertility voice and advocate for people experiencing infertility and loss and lend my expertise to raise awareness about the emotions felt and the reality of what people go through. It's a privilege to sit on boards and be an official sponsor helping to facilitate better emotional and mental health care for individuals and couples.

Our purpose is to raise proceeds to help people who are experiencing infertility trauma and loss. Proceeds go directly to people in the form of mental health/grief support as well as comfort packages, grants and community support services.

Some of my published work can be seen in ABC, GMA, Medium, Healthline, Buzzfeed, Sheknows and Elephant Journal. My pieces have been shared and endorsed by trauma and loss specialists such as Megan Devine author of "It's OK That You're Not OK & How to Carry What Can't be Fixed," Jessica Zucker, Ph.D. Psychologist specialising in reproductive health and author of I HAD A MISCARRIAGEJustine Froelker 2x TEDx Speaker and author. As well as reproductive leaders Annova & Juno Fertility, Modern Fertility. Popular lifestyle blogger Dani, helping women thrive during infertility, and public figures R e n a e A y r I s Former Miss Universe Australia and singer - song writer Kina Grannis. Book contributions to Sheila Lamb, Author of 'This is' book series; true-life short stories from IF warriors. 


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I want to give you the opportunity to get to know me better and ask me any questions you may have about support sessions. I offer a complimentary phone consultation before working together to see whether we are the right fit. I look forward to hearing from you.