Your struggle is not invisible.

Your loss is not invisible.

Your pain is not invisible.

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What does infertility anxiety, depression and stress look like to you?

Would it be a emotional and physical breakdown?

Would it be crying, yelling, not being able to get out of bed in the morning?

Would it be totally shutting down, refusing to see friends and family?

For some people, this is what it can be like, but for most this is not the case. It looks like you have your life together. You even look great, you invest in your health and always go the extra mile for family and friends, you attend social functions, you excel in your job, you travel, you have hobbies…

You learn to function at this level month after month, then months turn into years. At what cost to your mind, body and spirit?

With not speaking out about the harsh realities of Infertility, is the risk of people thinking it’s not real. And it is.

It is crippling some days. It is pain and loss on a level most can’t even imagine. It is starting over and over, until you feel you have hit rock bottom. Then mustering the courage and strength to start over again.

Sister fighting this way, you need to know, you are not invisible.

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You matter. Your story matters. You are cared for and you are so very loved and valued. Finding a safe place to reach out and share your story, to get support and encouragement is key. Sharing what you are feeling is healing and will help heal someone else.

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Our community is always here with open arms and listening ears.

One day at a a time. Step by step.

Start by admitting how you are feeling.

Start by taking the first step to reach out.

Start by sharing how you are truly feeling.

Start, knowing you are in a safe place to share and ask for help

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