What Infertility Looks Like


(brutally honest) Status Updates Women With Infertility Want To Post On Social Media, But Don’t.

“I wish that when I had “sex ed” classes in school that they also covered just how common issues with fertility really are… maybe then I wouldn’t think of “infertility” as such a dirty and loaded word.”

“Crappy day; after spending $10k and giving myself daily injections, Doctor tells me my eggs are duds”

“Gotta be prepared for anything this week… I just went to the store and bought tampons, chocolate, and pregnancy tests.”

“Quit complaining about how tired you are up at the Crack of dawn with your baby. Some of us only dream for the privilege…”

“Take your pregnancy announcement and shove it.” (Too much?)

 If you all knew how lucky you really were…”

“I love that you had a healthy baby, BUT please STOP moaning about not getting any sleep. Some of us would LOVE to be in your position!”

“While you are getting up at the crack of dawn with a crying baby, I’m getting up to go the fertility clinic to get yet more blood taken from me and an ultrasound machine up the hoo ha just to see if I can try to get pregnant.”

I’ll show you what #momgoals really looks like…”

“I’ll switch your pregnancy pains in a heart beat. Yes, I would love to have your morning sickness, headaches, heart burn, joint pain, and constipation. Why? Because it’s part of the wonderful gift when you are growing a child.”

“Oh look, I got my period. Again. That’ll make it 47 months in a row. Still not pregnant.”

“My baby died. I didn’t “lose my pregnancy”. I shouldn’t “be grateful it wasn’t a real child yet” or “try again next time” or “get over it”. My baby DIED.”

“If one more person tells me to “Relax, it’ll happen when it’s time!” I am going to throat punch someone.”

“No we don’t want to “just adopt”. We want a baby that is a bit of both of us-plus adoption is a hugely emotional roller coaster as well & we need to be mentally prepared for that.”

“It doesn't happen when ‘the time is right’, how can the time be right for teenagers or drug addicts who don’t want kids? I really hate hearing this, I just want it to be my time. And no i don’t want to adopt, I have an adopted son, and really still want the whole experience of bringing my own child into this world…”

“I can’t just “get over” having a miscarriage. Every day I think about how old my baby would be now or how different our lives would be…”

“…the swelling from treatment made me look like I was 4m pregnant.”

“Sorry but I don’t want to talk today, I’m feeling so down, it’s not against you, I just want to be alone…”

“…after an embryonic miscarriage in Dec and 1st failed round of Clomid in Jan, I had to endure 3 weeks of breakthrough bleeding from 21 day supply of birth control in Feb just to start round 2 of Clomid and Metformin this month. We are certainly praying this month is our lucky month since all my blood work is good, tubes are cleared, hormones are stable and my paleo gluten-free diet and exercise falls suit with my PCOS. Welcome to my world and I still keep a smile on my face and love every moment of my life!”

“Don’t tell me that I should be lucky I can GET pregnant, or that at least i was early….just say I’M SORRY.”

“For those that have struggled to conceive or have struggled with miscarriage, pregnancy announcements can be hard. We aren’t mad at you for having a baby, but it does hurt to see others achieving the same thing that you so desperately want. If I don’t immediately congratulate you on your pregnancy, it isn’t because I am not happy for you….I’m still processing my feelings and sorting through my own feelings of inadequacy.”

“If I decline your baby shower invite doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that I have enough anxiety sitting in a room with a pregnant person and don’t need to subject myself to two plus hours of a party centered around the thing that never leaves my mind and I can’t seem to achieve. It’s really nothing personal. Now please accept this expensive do-hicky that was on your registry and forgive me for being human!”

“Already having a child doesn’t negate from the hurt and devastation of loosing a child. Already having a child doesn’t take away the struggle of ovulation tests, constant BFN tests, or various tests that my husband and I have gone through. Already having a child doesn’t take away the void that we still have missing pieces to our family. I am beyond grateful for the amazing gift that my 8yr old has brought. But infertility struggles are still very real.”