Q + A With Miss.Conception Coach

How was the idea of Miss.Conception born?

Out of a desperate need that I saw first hand over and over again Miss.Conception Coach was born. Women are not getting the kind of support that they need. Women need 1:1 support in real time. TTC can be a lonely and isolating experience, especially when struggling with fertility issues month after month or year after year. For the most part you have your Dr, but after that 20 min apt, you don’t have many outlets to really connect with people in real time. There are great support groups, online forums and organizations out there but not with 1:1 support, interacting with someone online when they need it – which is how people like to interact these days!Because no one should feel alone in this-1

Why is there a need for this kind of support?

When you experience fertility challenges it’s an extremely stressful, heart wrenching ordeal. The level of anguish is compared to living with a chronic illness. It’s also an invisible disease because for the most part no one knows you’re dealing with it. Since it’s such a personal topic, with still quite a bit of stigma attached, a lot couples are not public with their struggle. Family and friends are a great support network but it can sometimes be hard for them to really relate. So, when people make remarks like ‘just relax’, or ‘it will happen, when it happens’, ‘just adopt’ ,’everything happens for a reason’, or ‘stay positive’, although said out of kindness, it is extremely frustrating.

Who is a Miss.Conception Coach follower?
Women who have been diagnosed with Infertility and are looking towards medical intervention. Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant after a year for most people and six months in other circumstances. Women starting the IVF process are the most courageous people I have ever met. What they go through in a 4-6 week time span is beyond heroic. Invasive medical procedures, endless needles, early morning monitoring appointments, bed rest, medication that alters not only their physical being but their emotional being and all for a 45% chance of getting pregnant, and while maintaining a normal 9/5 life, with the kicker being, a monetary cost of about $10k. This is not usually a one time situation either, this is something that couples do over and over again for years. These couples sometimes invest every cent they have  for the chance of having their baby. I have talked to women when they have been in their car on the side of the road, in the bathroom stall at work, at midnight, crying at a baby shower, at the Drs office… because this is real life unfolding. This is when people need support. People need to be reminded that it’s ok to feel jealousy and anger while going through this process. That it doesn’t make them a bad person and that it’s not their fault. Feelings of guilt and shame are often emotions women work through on a regular basis. Infertility is not anything you did or didn’t do and it doesn’t have to define you.

What other aspects of TTC can you support?

If you suffer a miscarriage you are on your own. Unless you want to go to the hospital, which is not a very fun alternative. You are told to just wait it out because realistically that’s all you can do. It’s a desperate and vulnerable time. So waiting it out can be a an isolating experience. You don’t know what will happen to you physically and emotionally and that is terrifying. The problem with scheduling appointments weeks ahead of time is that life doesn’t work like that. That’s why the Miss.Conception Coach Open Support  mentality was born, from the understanding that life happens and you need someone to be there when it does. When you’re first diagnosed with Infertility finding information online can be overwhelming. I want to supply couples with everything they need to know specific to their needs. Customizing support for clients is important because no two people are the same and nobody’s journey is the same. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to read pages of text. Instead I prefer to have a daily interactive ‘check in’ with clients, that goes straight to your inbox and open lines of communication via text, emails, whatever way they prefer and is the most convenient for them. Depending on what their needs are the topics change. Nutrition & lifestyle choices are the corner stone of our programs because what you put into your body is the only thing you have control over during this time. So why not make those choices healthy ones.

What does online real time mean?

Online, real time means clients get to interact without having to leave the comfort of their home. Better yet in their PJ’s relaxing where they feel most comfortable, as opposed to a clinical setting. They are bombarded with clinical settings all the time, so the thought of having to go somewhere like that to get support is not appealing. With the amazing technology and apps  we utilize these days, it allows us to interact 1:1 via video, group chats, or instant messaging!

How can people get involved with Miss.Conception Coach?

We have over 4.5k followers over 5 social media sites right now and connecting women together is a huge part of what we do. Having a private, invite only forum is crucial because it allows women to connect  with other women who have been there and are also going through it and can offer invaluable advice. Women from all over the world sharing in the same experience is powerful!  I don’t believe in costly hourly rates. I believe in a holistic approach and my support  reflects that, with one cost for unlimited support, one cycle at a time. I want to think of myself as part of someone’s journey, along side their Doctor, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist or Trainer. Most importantly I want to be part of their solution and healing.

What new things are you working on now?

Raising awareness about fertility challenges is very important. We started a movement recently called ‘What Infertility Looks Like’. It’s been remarkable because it’s all done in a visual way. We asked women to tag photos via Instagram and Facebook with #whatinfertilitylookslike that depicts their every day existence. We have compiled about 1.3K photos so far!  Someone the other day asked why I don’t have a section for women who get pregnant…but there are so many magazines, books, forums, groups and sites for pregnant women and once you are pregnant you have endless choices for connecting with other women. My main goal is to be there every day – for this community. It’s where my heart and soul is and I will do that by encouraging, listening, empathizing and empowering.

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