It would be my privilege to help support you no matter where you find yourself in this vulnerable space. I help people feel more seen, validated and heard inside infertility emotions. I work with individuals and families who are processing infertility experiences and loss. I offer 1:1 support sessions via teletherapy worldwide. My support is tailored to those experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression related to infertility experiences as well as grief from pregnancy loss and procedures such as IVF/IUI.



You might be working through painful experiences, often feeling alone and living in the middle of infertility trauma & loss. 


  • Explore triggers related to infertility anxiety and depressive symptoms related to loss, and treatment.
  • Work through emotional obstacles and decide next steps.
  • Process past trauma and loss.
  • Set new boundaries, expectations and adapt coping mechanisms.
  • Evaluate relationships and family dynamics.


You want to feel more at peace.

You want to gain more control over your life and feel less fear and anxiety.

You want to work through the trauma and loss you've experienced and are still carrying inside.

You want to feel more validated and heard.

You want more understanding and support as you move forward in healing with more compassion.

    Share the sessions as a family and in a space facilitated to help guide you through roadblocks and into next steps. My counselling approach is to focus on the emotions people process after trauma and loss by adding more comfit and compassion. This 'in the middle' place needs to be treated with respect, validation. This middle place needs to be seen and witnessed and the feelings only held, never rushed. The focus is to make sure you always feel safe and can express your feelings in a self reflective, non judgmental place of connection.  

    I want every person to know they are seen, they are heard and they are always validated. I want to make sure they receive support in the comfort of their own home, where they feel most relaxed. 




    Are you ready to take the next step together?  


    The Miss.Conception Coach community is tailored to those experiencing stress, anxiety and loss related to infertility and procedures such as IUI/IVF. We facilitate private a Facebook peer group made up of women in all stages of their journey. We share information about health & wellness as well as offer peer support and guidance.

    Have questions
    I offer a complimentary phone consultation before working together to see whether we are the right fit. I look forward to hearing from you! I want to give you the opportunity to get to know me better and ask me any questions you may have about support sessions.