Fertility Friendly Challenge – DAY 4 – Feelings + Making A Plan!



What kind of Self Care do you have in place after disappointment?

TTC month after month is a very specific kind of journey because you process so different types of emotions in such a short amount of time and on such an intense level. As important as processing all these emotions you have after a BFN, being able to find a “Self Care’ routine that works, is so important.

How does one process the pain of enduring this kind of disappointment? If you don’t have a Self Care routine in place feelings of depression can find their way in really quickly. So, how do you start a Self Care routine? Ask what kind of things warm your heart, comfort you and make you smile. Go to them after disappointment —-> INDULGE. One thing I tell me clients is the importance of letting yourself indulge in that moment. Go for dinner with your partner, see a movie, listen to music, buy some new bath products, get a massage, whatever will give you a sense of comfort and momentary peace. Get out of the house, get fresh air, go to the gym and be around friends and family. Don’t cocoon, as much as you will want to. Express how you are feeling in any way you feel comfortable. Don’t shut down! Resist Googling out of desperation and making an instant new plan of what to do next month. Don’t think about what failed…What to buy, what to try, what to eat or do better… Resist going in circles in your mind about why it didn’t work. Instead, take a huge deep breath, let out a few tears. Have a moment then take some time to not think about it and indulge in what makes your senses happy.

What things will you do for yourself in each heading? Mind, Body + Spirit. List below. Print out our Self Care Plan sheet and start writing down your thoughts:


Who/ What is your support? What do you want to accomplish as part of your Self Care Plan?

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