Fertility Friendly Challenge – Day 3 – After A BFN



destress-lightAfter you get a BFN you feel totally defeated. You may feel like you are fighting to keep your head above water month after month. What happens is that after a while, you begin to hear that criticism from yourself. You adopt it as your own. This little voice inside haunts you, telling you that your body  is failing you.

Though you may not consider such thoughts to be harmful carrying this negative energy can sometimes do a lot of damage. Yes, these negative thoughts are actually hurting you. When you internalize so much self doubt, your body absorbs it. Muscles will tense, and inflammation will begin to wreak havoc on you. Inside, you can become sick from this.  The studies and link between stress and health are there. Your body is saying “hey, that’s enough of this. You need a break. Take care of yourself!”

There are a lot of pressures on you when TTC.  What does one do with all that pressure + stress? Self care is the best place to start. Think of all that you have overcome, and the progress no matter how small. It sometimes doesn’t feel like progress is being made but learning about your body, is a lifetime process. There are things science can’t explain sometimes, and you need to rely on a higher power to guide you through. Whatever you call it…Faith, Hope, God, ultimately it is always inside you. Let those good thoughts fill your heart and rule your mind. Always, remember how strong you are!

What 5 things are you proud of and that you overcame when you thought you couldn’t, during your TTC Journey? Share below in the comments!


One thought on “Fertility Friendly Challenge – Day 3 – After A BFN

  1. 1. Keeping a positive attitude. 2. Not blaming anyone including myself. 3. Keeping bd intimate and fun! 4. Still keeping a low calorie diet and not caving to eat emotionally. 5. Staying positive and not jealous when seeing pregnant women!

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