Exciting new changes here!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d put my pen down for a minute and say a huge welcome to our new followers and a big thank you to all of you! I know it’s not easy, this path you are on, but together I promise it will feel like a softened one. I founded Miss.Conception Coach 4 years ago and use my website and various platforms as a community, to share infertility truths, peer support within private groups and offer a complimentary mindful fertility program. My mission has always been to be a safe, self reflective, non judgmental space where we can put names to tough emotions. Ones that sometimes we haven’t even said out loud or realized we are still processing . I hope every time you read my words they help you release some emotional weight.

I’m a mamma bear with a very, very protective heart. My bottom line has always been that to truly be a safe place you must remove all triggers. So this community t is a bit different than most. You won’t see pregnancy related stories, pregnant women, baby photos, pregnancy tests or inspirational ‘we beat infertility’ stories. That has been something that I have never wavered on…

I am not one of those accounts that has thousands of followers but only follows back 20. I believe in authentic connections. I want to follow YOU. I want to know about your life, your dog, see your vacation pics, know your partner and hear all about your daily life. I love when you reach out! I make it a habit to converse through private message or email, not on the public posts. I know how personal this is to you. This to me has always felt the most safe and authentic. I hope it does to you too.

I recently started a new health + wellness division line because I wanted to create all natural, organic, healthy products for women trying to conceive and going through treatment. God knows you deserve it most! I worked with fertility specialists, herbalists and most importantly listened to sisters in our own community. We heard you say you were tired of chemicals in your body products. We heard you ask why there were so many products for pregnant women and moms but nothing for women trying to conceive. We are the first and only all natural body care product line made specifically for preconception! Check us out here!

I feel like we are at a very exciting cross roads. I feel like it’s time to take what we have built together and take some next big steps. LIKE BIG STEPS!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what might be next? I have some pretty HUGE plans in the making! I’d love to take my pieces and turn them into a real live book. I’d love to be able to facilitate a program that encompasses our message and helps empower and support. I’d love to sit down face to face and start local groups here in the GVRD area (Vancouver, Canada). I’d love to partner with like minded individuals and organizations to make a real difference in the lives of our community. Giveaways, grants, products, you name it – all for you to enjoy! (I am VERY choosy when it comes to this. What I put my name to has to represent my core values and message 100%.) What I know for sure is what we have grown here together is real, it’s raw, it’s truth, it’s a promise, it’s a never ending friendship and unwavering support. It’s a commitment to always put your best interest first. I’m so excited for what we can do together and how we can reach even more sisters. I am so grateful and honored that you let me be a part of your healing, your pain and your comfort, if even in the tiniest of ways. It truly means the world to me. So please keep sharing your vulnerable truths, they are what keep me sharing my words.


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