Infertility is having a full time career…


Infertility is having a full-time career while also managing a full time second job. It is around the clock with no breaks. With a schedule set by other people who demand things on certain days, down to literally the exact minute. It also includes hours of paperwork, phone calls, research, travel and early am appointments. Procedures and drug cocktails added in that can leave you feeling like a totally different person. Emotionally it will be daily extreme highs and lows. Then there’s the spur of the moment tests, ultrasounds, injections and more blood needing to be drawn. All which can leave you feeling sore and achy, bruised, prodded, exposed and totally exhausted. Finally, there’s the waiting. Then even more waiting. Waiting for things you have no control over but must be prepared for at the drop of a hat, no matter how much you plan or try to control.

Getting support and being part of a community that just get’s it, is the single most important thing you can do!

With our Mindful Fertility program, Pre-Conception Diet Makeover and private groups, we help inspire, support and connect sisters daily, from pre-conception to post babyWe just launched our new all natural, organic fertility body care line called Bloom Essentials!

Our community of support is the perfect accompaniment to fertility treatments and procedures you might be going through. Our sisterhood is tailored to those experiencing stress and anxiety related to infertility and related procedures such as IUI/IVF.


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