What happens when we are constantly being told not to feel, how we are feeling?


Is it really so bad to let ourselves feel these hard emotions sometimes. Heck No!

Are we constantly being told not to? Yes!

Does it help to be contradicted emotionally by others and by ourselves? No! (It makes it worse actually.)

So, do you know what happens when we are constantly being told not to feel how we are feeling? We get anxiety and stress. Why? Because our heart is wanting to feel one way, but our mind keeps telling it to feel the opposite. So, they start a tug of war. This makes you feel like something is off. (Anxiety) And this tug of war makes you worry that these emotions are stronger than you. (Stress)

What would it feel like, if when you felt ugly, weak and unworthy, you let yourself look deeper into that. Instead of pushing those feelings away…

What if you listened, instead of denying. What if you realized they are only feelings not the truth? What if we didn’t have to feel these real emotions with such shame?

We would start to actually give ourselves a small pep talk. We would naturally start to listen to our own voice.

Scenario feelings:
Ugh I feel so fat and ugly today.  I’m so tired and useless. My life is going nowhere. Look at everyone moving forward in life and here I am stuck. I’m tired of being strong. Why does it have to be so friggin’ hard?

This is what it truly sounds like, right?

Ok, but maybe you then say to yourself, I know this medication gives me major bloating and causes crazy mood swings. But I also know next week it will taper off. I also haven’t been to the gym this week so I’m going to get back into it because I know I feel so much better when I go twice a week. I’m tired because I haven’t been sleeping well, worried about my upcoming procedure. I know when I am tired I am super grouchy. I’ve been emotionally eating too and shutting down with hubby. Tonight I’ll going to make something healthy and have a good talk about how I’m feeling. I know he loves me and just wants to help… Me being closed off and bitchy to him is not going to help at all. We are in this together. I think I’ll txt him now and let him know. I think I’ll get myself that new pair of pants and that cute top I saw online. I deserve it!

What if someone else had suggested to us ‘you just have to eat healthier, go to the gym and communicate with your spouse.” It would be dam annoying! Why? Because it’s just one more thing someone is telling us to do that we are failing at. BUT when we allow some space to just be…we come into our own truth.

What happens when we allow ourselves some space to feel the hard stuff? We actually realize that what we are feeling is temporary and not necessarily truth. We allow ourselves to dig deeper into the our own truth and move towards solutions we already know. That is healthy and that is so powerful.

Getting support and being part of a community that just get’s it, is the single most important thing you can do!

With our Mindful Fertility program, Pre-Conception Diet Makeover and private groups, we help inspire, support and connect sisters daily, from pre-conception to post baby.  We just launched our new all natural, organic fertility body care line called Bloom Essentials! Our community of support is the perfect accompaniment to fertility treatments and procedures you might be going through. Our sisterhood of support and guidance is tailored to those experiencing stress and anxiety related to infertility and related procedures such as IUI/IVF.


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