Are you in your 10 steps back day today?


So, if you are in your 10 steps back today, I suggest you try the three A’s.
Acknowledge, Action, Avoid:
Acknowledge that yes today the waves are hitting you pretty hard. Try not to ask why. Because most of the time you will try to blame yourself or someone else. Instead just acknowledge that this mood is here today.
Then take Action. Do whatever you have to. Unfollow accounts that trigger you, temporarily block friends who’s feeds upset you and make you feel like a bad person for feeling angry or jealous. Say no to any situation that will triggers emotions that make you spiral.
Then Avoid. Decide you are’t going to let these temporary emotions ruin the rest of your day or week ahead! Instead do anything and everything to distract your mind from heading into the zone of despair. Mind numbing distractions. Start a new Pinterest board for new recipes, vacation, or home projects that seem fun! Start a new Netflix binge show. Head out for dinner and drinks after work with a close girlfriend, that you haven’t seen in awhile. Have a date night with your spouse just cause! Don’t wait for the weekend. Go watch the new movie at the fancy VIP theater you’ve wanted to see. Go look for some new cute outfits, all the Summer sales are on now! Do some online shopping for your abode. New throw pillows or bed sheets. Because really new bed sheets and towels feel life changing. 😀 Treat yourself to some new bath products that make you feel good!!
You don’t have to feel bad for feeling bad. And you don’t have to stay there. You are allowed to protect yourself from triggers, and do whatever you have to, to survive. It’s ok to not welcome those hard emotions in. This is how you fight the hardest on your hardest days, and for that you should be proud. ❤️

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