Ok, promise me you will…

Does your sister complain about her morning sickness too often? Your best friend not include you in kids events. Mom offering too much advice? Your coworker announced her third unwanted pregnancy on Facebook. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to protect ourselves from certain people, who sometime trigger us, that we forget that they are still the same peeps who were our childless best friends not too long ago.

Friends and family often want to support you, but they just don’t know how. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing, or not saying the right thing. Don’t wait for them to read your mind. Silence will add to more silence and ultimately isolation.

Sharing how you are feeling is a vulnerable place. But sometimes friends and family can’t support you because you haven’t given them a chance – you never told them or shared how you are truly feeling.

Not every person is the right person to tell, so choose your person and open your heart up. Chances are, really close friends and family will be there for you and can be a great anchor of support if you trust them and let them in a bit.

You can try sending a quick update email to a few close family and friends and share some of your journey thus far. Even explaining why you aren’t always around as much and what you will be dedicating your life to, the next while.

Promise me you will let family and friend support you…❤️

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