Chiemi is a wife, a mom of 2, and founder of MissConception Coach. MissConception Coach was born out of the passion and dedication to offer love, support and guidance to women TTC and experiencing infertility issues. She experienced and witnessed firsthand the isolation created by going through treatments and loss and vowed to make this experience a better one for others. She considers it her life passion-to offer online support to women, no matter where they are in their journey, or in the world! Chiemi says: “I want every sister to know she is seen, she is heard and is not alone. I want to make sure every sister can receive support in the comfort of their own home, where they feel safe and the most comfortable. Our sisterhood of support and guidance is tailored to those experiencing stress and anxiety related to Infertility and related procedures such as IUI/IVF.”

Read to learn more about Chiemi and Miss.Conception Coach, and then head to the links to see for yourself how her noble life goal has helped so many!

What inspired you to start Miss.Conception Coach?

After witnessing and experiencing how isolating ttc and experiencing loss can be. I saw such a hole in our support system from the medical side to the ‘after’. I know what I needed wasn’t there and I knew the support that really helped me was from friends, and an inner circle of people who had experienced something similar. I wanted to facilitate that same sort of environment of women supporting other women in a safe, private community.

Your bio on Instagram reads: “We are changing the conversation about #infertility.” As someone trying to get people to talk out loud about infertility, I really connect with this idea. How do you hope to change the conversation?

By encouraging sisters to speak about how they are feeling, even if those feelings are jealousy, anger, fear, shame or sadness. I want to help them understand that it’s ok to feel these things and not to feel guilty! To acknowledge it is totally ok. It’s normal to process these feelings- they don’t make you a bad person. You can own them and know that your rock bottom moments can be inspiring and powerful! They can inspire other women who might feel embarrassed about feeling them too and reassure them that is 100% normal. Sharing these hard feelings only prove the incredible amount of courage and strength inside someone fighting infertility.

Miss.Conception Coach advocates connection and you facilitate private groups for people dealing with infertility. How have you found this to be helpful for people in need? What would you tell someone who is interested in reaching out but might be nervous about doing so?

It’s HUGE! When you ask someone on the other side of infertility what was the #1 thing that helped you survive that time, their answer is always “the support I got from other women experiencing the same thing.” It’s so true! Even if via online, it is the daily, safe, familiar connection of having that group there that really carries us. I made a new group because so many members were now pregnant and wanting to continue that friendship and support! Now we have a whole separate group called Bump To Bottles. It’s been amazing watching the journeys of these women who started together years ago, and now have toddlers! We do also join ‘forces’ with the two groups (‘The Miss.Conception Coach Group’ and ‘Bump To Bottles.’) We recently did a big surprise giveaway which the Bump To Bottles ladies hosted and donated to the Miss.Conception Group ladies! Tons of prizes and so much love and support felt showing support to the sisters still fighting. I tell anyone who I speak to, to please join our group. That there is no pressure and that I know they will get so much comfort in just being a part of that sisterhood.

The Inspire section on your website offers posts about infertility and personal experiences. Has there been one post in particular that you’ve found that people seem to connect with most?

Yes! The post I did last Summer: (Brutally Honest) Status Updates Women With Infertility Want To Post On Social Media But Don’t went viral! It is first hand shares from sisters, speaking the truth about what they go through on a daily basis. For example: ‘Crappy day; after spending 10k and giving myself daily injections, Dr tells me my eggs are duds.’

You hosted the Bloggers Online Fertility Conference in 2015, do you plan to do so again in the future?

I have hosted two and they were such a wonderful experience. I’m not sure there is a third one in store but definitely something, that brings together our community again with a similar platform! I really want to start focusing on local face to face meets ups, groups and get togethers!

Since starting Miss.Conception Coach, what has surprised you most about this community you’ve created?

The resilience of the women in it! And the compassion and about of giving towards other’s even when one is at their rock bottom. Such unconditional love and support towards one another!

You also founded Bloom Fertility Body Care, the first (and only) body care line custom made for women trying to get pregnant. Can you tell me more about this revolutionary product line?

Yes! I saw so many products for pregnancy and post pregnancy/babies etc., but NOTHING for women ttc, when really all natural products are the most important! I decided it was time for something just for ttc sisters. They truly deserve it more than anyone else! It is all natural body care that also has hormone balancing essential oils. I am working on the cream now and it will be launching soon! The feedback so far, from our soft launch, has been amazing and nothing but positive.

Are there any words of advice you could give someone who might be at the beginning of their TTC journey?

That you are doing the best you can. That it’s enough! You aren’t broken and don’t need fixing. To keep sharing how you feel to those around you. To protect yourself and know the triggers that can affect how you feel. That’s it’s not selfish to put yourself first right now. You deserve all the love and support for this journey ahead. To just BE and allow for things to fill you with joy when you are feeling overwhelmed. Not to look for ‘adding more’ but just resting. Often after failed treatment and cycles we automatically go to “what can we do more. what did we not do enough of, and what can we fix.” Throw that away and just let you heart and soul rest. You did enough.

 By Elizabeth Strong, (LMHC, DCC)

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