Stepping Out Of The Shadow & Sharing Their Journey & Heartache.

When my husband and I decided to start our family, we got pregnant right away. That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We tried again and have a 17 year old gorgeous daughter. I thought this was how all families started & was totally unaware that it is not so easy for everyone.

In 2013, I met my friend Nikki. I was a fledgling photographer & she did hair for a photo shoot that I hosted in my studio. i had no idea the battle her & her husband were fighting. In 2014, I met my friend Ashley. She was fighting this same battle of infertility. Stupidly, I just told her it was probably just stress & that she needed to stop worrying. I mean…that is what keeps people from getting pregnant, right? (Insert eye roll)

As my photography continued to grow & flourish, I started honing my specialty in on newborn photography. The more clients I talked to, it was clear that there is a much larger group of people struggling to get pregnant & a lot of these families I consider dear friends. The amount of babies that I see that were born with the help of medication, IUI or IVF is staggering to me.

I have watched this struggle & it is heart breaking. So many friends struggling to come to grips with something that should be so easy. When Nikki came to me with the idea of adding an infertility shot into her session, I was all for it. This IS something that too many women struggle with silently and it needs its time in the spot light. That is what sparked the Infertility Session. Unfortunately, it was way too easy to find 8 ladies that fit the 1 in 8 statistic on my friends list. I am so proud of these bad ass chicks for stepping out of the shadow & sharing their journey & heartache. It needs to be shared & society needs to be educated. We have to be the ones to educate & fight for the families that are just not strong enough yet.


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