Yes. We have tried…

Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, diets, exercise, vitamins, smoothies, going on vacation, and just relaxing.

No, we aren’t going to ‘just adopt.’

That’s great, that your best friends, sisters, next door neighbor got pregnant that way, but I trust my medical team and know my own body.

Keep Gods plan, all in good time, and meant to be’s to yourself please.

No, a pet is not the same as a child.

No, I shouldn’t be glad, that at least I know I can get pregnant.

No, we aren’t lucky we have so much time to ourselves, and get to sleep in on weekends.

No, babysitting your child isn’t a good trial.

No, you actually don’t know what it feels like.

There is no JUST in ‘just try again, when it costs thousands of dollars, painful procedures and sticking yourself with needles.

Yes, please be there with an empathetic heart and a big hug!

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