2018 – Good things are going to happen here…

This past Christmas I found myself reflecting a lot. It was a whole slew of emotions. I felt such a strong and overwhelming sense of community all around me. A beautiful collective of immense compassion and unconditional support. I finally let myself just step back and marvel at this. I stepped outside the day to day and I marveled at what we had built together and like always, was moved to happy tears. Tears that an experience had turned into an idea, an idea into an action, and an action into an identity – the Miss.Conception Coach community. Months have now gently turned into years, and that identity is filled with thousands of familiar faces and stories shared, of marriages getting stronger, families growing, and life long friendships being made. So many full circle journeys. So much has happened in just a few years, yet a lot has stayed the same. There is comfort in both of these realizations. But, I also knew we needed some new energy, and some fresh direction. I found myself reflecting and asking the questions…What do I ultimately want Miss.Conception Coach to offer? What can I give? What can we do together? How can we make a change as a collective group? How can we do more for our community?


Because we have the power to do so much!

My heart spoke. I want to be there for the person, who in this moment, has no one. The person who is alone crying in the bathroom at a baby shower. The person who just tested and got a BFN, standing with hands shaking, staring at the blank white space. The person who is having a miscarriage at home alone, who is terrified and doesn’t know what to expect. The person who just got their negative BETA back again, and needs to just sit in their car before going back to work and bawl. The person who feels like they can’t go on for even one more day. The person who is too embarrassed and scared to tell anyone about their journey, not even their friends or family. I want to be there for the moment when they need help and are overwhelmed by their own grief. I want to be for others, what I needed at one point, and what everyone needs in their lowest moments of pain. Becoming a part of our sisterhood that just gets it and is there for you, is how this support is possible. (Local face to face groups are in the works and I am so excited to start this next chapter with you all! I will be looking for volunteers and facilitators to help this process along soon!)

Comfort and Hope.

This direction was what had always lead me to be here, and why I am here everyday with such a strong desire to protect and share. To reassure you, that it’s ok to collapse and have a moment. God knows we all need that. That you never need to rush out of these feelings and put on a happy face for anyone. That you never have to whisper, ‘I’m so sorry for crying’. We will sit and ride out this moment together. This would be the one safe place in life, where you can be 100% real and always be seen and be heard. No judgment or expectations. You won’t find a ‘Million And One New Ways To Do Infertility Better’ here. Or suggestions on how to try harder or do more. It is solely a place where you can come and rest emotionally. You will always be reassured that you have done enough. That you are enough. That nothing is your fault in this crazy world of Infertility. You will be told to indulge and pamper your body and nourish your soul. That your feelings always come first. It is something we all need and crave, to know we are truly not alone. That the emotions we feel are valid. That It is ok to feel jealousy, shame, fear, anger yet hopeful, all at once.

My blood, sweat and tears have also been pouring into the launch of Bloom Essentials. Researching, testing, sourcing, and diving into making sure there would be products on the market specifically made for women with Infertility. Launching the renew Body Wash through this passion, has been life changing for myself and for so many TTC Sisters! It is my goal to offer women with Infertility 100% all natural, organic, safe, and fertility friendly products. They deserve this more than any other women out there.

With so many members who were pregnant and having babies, we started a new chapter of Miss.Conception Coach called Bump To Bottles. It was a surprising, wonderful new chapter and one that has been extremely rewarding and joyful! Through our Bloom Essentials page/site we share these incredible stories of pregnancy and motherhood after Infertility.

The truth is you won’t see photos of pregnant women, or stories, or testimonials on the Miss.Conception Coach page/site or groups. It is something I have always been very adamant about and something I feel strongly about maintaining. Protecting TTC Sisters from possible triggers is one of my main concerns and have always vowed to honor that trust. Separating these worlds is very important for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. That said, we also work hard to be inclusive as a community, and are finding fun new ways to do that! We will be launching a new campaign called Give Back, where all donations and proceeds go to the Miss.Conception Coach group TTC Sisters, started by the women in our Bump To Bottles group! Big giveaways are planned! It is a small token of love to show the sisters still fighting, that they are very much supported. We want to make them smile and pamper them a bit! The Bump To Bottles ladies have raised close to $200 dollars worth of amazing goodies, and will soon be launching a non profit Zazzle shop, which features fun T-shirts and other items. So stay tuned!!

My question to you is…What do you need? How do you want support? How can we as a community do more together? I want to hear from you!

Thank you to each and every sister who is here. Who read the posts. Who have joined our groups and programs. Who use the renew products. Who pour your hearts out in comments and through messages. Who continue to support other sisters, even on their bad days when they feel depleted. Thank you for making our community what it is!!


I’m beyond excited for 2018! Good things are going to happen here…
Love + Babydust,
Chiemi xo

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