Photos Women With Infertility Want To Post On Social Media, But Don’t. Pt. 2 

Welcome to the second installment of our new photo series: #WHATINFERTILITYLOOKSLIKE.

We hope it will help raise awareness about the realities of #Infertility treatments like IVF/IUI, and what couples endure day after day for sometimes years to try and become parents…

Why is spreading awareness so important? Greater awareness means sending a clear message, ending stigma, and getting people to talk more openly about Infertility. This can be a huge step towards changing behaviour and more importantly it could be a first step to positively addressing the policies that impact funding and grants for couples.

Are you looking for some extra support and a wonderful sisterhood of women who just ‘get it’? Join us!

p.s. Are you going through fertility treatments or will be soon? Looking to get more #fertilityfriendly? We made something just for you!

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