I will not confuse my bad days, as a sign of weakness.


Those are actually the days you are fighting your hardest. Truth.
Does this sound close? Infertility is hard to navigate. Hell yes! You do your best to contain your emotions because you have no idea where to even start to maneuver through them. There are so many different issues both physically and emotionally to address, you aren’t quite sure where to start first. Overwhelming! You slowly learn to hold a lot in because the vulnerability of sharing can often be met with discomfort and uncertainty. People don’t often know how to act or what to say, so they change the subject or offer ideas, pep talks and suggestions to try. Annoying! You quickly learn most people are not comfortable talking about Infertility, and you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so you apologize with an awkward smile. You hold back tears when people ask innocently, ‘so when are you guys having kids?’ You find you spend a lot of your energy always trying to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy around you. But why should keeping other people “comfortable” be more important than your own emotions and happiness?

The answer is it’s not ok! The answers and solutions lie somewhere in the middle. Owning your story and also helping to educate friends and family about the best way they can support you is truly the only way to lessen the emotional load you carry. Being armed with tools and techniques for stressful situations can make for much happier and more authentic relationship with family and friends.

Your bad days are not your weak days. They truly are the ones you fight for the hardest. ❤️

Are you looking for some extra support and a wonderful sisterhood of women who just ‘get it’? Join us!

p.s. Are you going through fertility treatments or will be soon? Looking to get more #fertilityfriendly? We made something just for you! 

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