How am I? The truthful answer…

How am I- The truthfull asnwer (1)

Infertility can feel like a constant never-ending uphill battle. I am functioning on way less sleep than I need, more stress than I’d like and monthly pressure that is unfathomable to most. Not just emotionally but mentally, physically and financially. My days are being robbed and the ability to just plan my life, taken away.

How am I?

Well, every single day I am putting my some day baby before myself. Not many know sacrifice on this level, and maybe never will. Some days I doubt this process and lose all hope and faith. Who would blame me? I’ve felt loss and disappointment on levels most will ever experience. I am doing the best I can, with what I have and am holding on by a single thread some days. Yet, I still give support to my TTC Sisters fighting beside me, my partner, my family, my friends, and colleagues… because no one gave me a ‘get out of real life’ infertility pass card. It’s not my first rodeo, but it never gets easier either. I just get better at dealing with it. (kinda)

So, in this moment, don’t tell me to just relax, be positive, stay strong or just keep trying. Don’t minimize my feelings. Just say ‘sorry’ instead. Say sorry that I  have to endure this. Sorry because it’s not fair. Sorry this is happening to me. That I don’t deserve this. (No one does.) In this moment, just wrap your arms around me and hold me tight and let me collapse into you for a minute. Thank you for just being here and thank you for asking…

get wellsoon!