Infertility is a liar. Don’t listen to her.

Infertility is a liar. Don’t listen to her. Don’t believe what she tells you.


You are smarter than her. You are stronger than her. Why? Because even though you are in constant battle with her, you keep fighting.  Sure, some days you listen to everything that she tells you. She wears you down to almost nothing. But other days, you find the power to ignore her whispers.

You are smarter than her because you keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when you feel you can’t go on, because you must.

Of course, she tries to distract you throughout your day. The things she says, can send you spiraling down. A pregnancy announcement. A baby bump at the coffee shop. A Facebook post. A newborn photo. The baby clothes at the mall.

She is selling you constant lies, but you push past them. You are stronger because you force yourself to focus on what’s important. To not let those triggers ruin your day. At times, she makes you feel weak. Lesser.  She lies. That’s far from the truth. You are a warrior. You are badass. You are the strongest person I know.

Sometimes you have setbacks. You become secluded and put off socializing. That’s ok. You start to internalize and feel hopeless. That’s ok. These moments of battle with her, are not easy and they take every bit of strength and courage you have. But she’s got nothing on you sister.

So, you refuel. You carry within you love and support. This is your ultimate protection. You stand with the solid armour, of hope.