8 Lessons Infertility Has Taught Us About Life.

5 life lessons woMEN WITH INFERTILITY

1. Courage and pain are not always obvious to the outside world. You never really know what battles someone is fighting on a daily basis. Just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean they are ok, it just means they are able to hide it and that it takes all the strength they have.

2. That self care and the importance of putting your own needs first is crucial. Saying no to triggers and situations that cause pain is ok and not selfish. It’s survival.

3. Humour and laughter are the only ways to survive some moments. When your legs are up in stirrups and hubby has a warm cup in hand you gotta smile and just keep going!

4. What true empathy feels like. To understand what it’s like to be there for another human being even when struggling through your own personal pain or when it’s uncomfortable.

5. To never take anything for granted or assume.

6. To not take BS from people and that trivial things just don’t matter.

7. To check any judgment at the door. To show true compassion for another’s pain. That they are entitled to heal anyway they need to. There are no rules or time lines set to pain.

8. To be aware of replies, and questions. To be mindful that words can help heal or hurt. Choose wisely.

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