Not everyone can make a baby the fun way…

Have you ladies seen this? Outrageous, real and darkly funny, HOW TO BUY A BABY follows couple Jane and Charlie Levy as they struggle through infertility treatments! 


A comedy web series about an infertile couple struggling to conceive with the help of a doctor…and unsolicited advice from everyone they know.
12764821_443160525875271_1727549900687630561_oThirty-something couple, JANE and CHARLIE LEVY, have long given up on having a baby the fun way. Having been diagnosed with infertility, they are resigned to needing costly and invasive assistance if they are ever to become parents. They are determined, though, to keep things fertiliFUN and not lose sight of the reasons why they wanted to have a baby together in the first place. But what happens to a couple when so many people are involved in the intimate act of procreation? Can a marriage survive and thrive with the financial and emotional pressures of infertility? How much will two people sacrifice to make a new life?


Darkly funny and achingly honest How to Buy a Baby, follows Jane and Charlie through a cycle of IVF (in vitro fertilization). The series provides a voyeuristic view of a marriage in a pressure cooker and proves that even the most difficult experiences that challenge our very biology can connect us to humanity and make us laugh.


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